Vehicles of The Night Mail Museum

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This page is still under construction so a number of links and pictures will not yet work. Please bare with us. Once complete, each vehicle will have its own page.

Travelling Post Office Vehicles

m30272m LNWR TPO No. 20 (c) BPMA 4920
LMS TPO Coach no. M30272M LNWR TPO no. 20 SR TPO no. 4920
Status: Under Overhaul at Wansford Status: Owned and restored by the BPMA. Currenly at Bressingham Status: Used as a static TPO Museum at Wansford
underground gnr mk1 1

London Post Office Railway Unit no.87 (2ft gauge)

GNR TPO No.2178 (Body Only) British Railways Mark 1 TPOs

Status: On Display at Ferry Meadows, As Withdrawn

Status: In store at Wansford Status: At Wansford
cab 02    

Class 325 Prototype EMU Cab


Status: On Display at Ferry Meadows.


Postal Road Vehicles

MPO 01   DPP330K low   Image coming soon
 Commer Karrier Moblie Post Office Morris Minor Van   Kawasaki Z250 Datapost Motorbike
Status: Restored with mechanical working being undertaken at Wansford  Status: On display at Ferry Meadows.
 Status: In store at Ferry Meadows

Other Vehicles

Wagons-Lits Sleeping Car YTb. no 3916 launch01 Wagons-Lits Restaurant Car WR no. 2975
Wagons-Lits Sleeping Car YTb. no 3916 Swedish Y7 Railbus no. 1212 Wagons-Lits Restaurant Car no. 2975
Status: Under overhaul at Wansford Status: Operational at Wansford Satus: Preventitive Maintenance undertaken at Wansford
  BG 01  
  LMS BG Coach  
  Status: In Store at Ferry Meadows/Wansford