Spring 2016

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We've had a busy few weeks lately with lots going on.

We've had a strong focus on fundraising this year to allow the site to continue to develop. Our first 'proper' open day was held recently with everything open to the public. Attractions included a bouncy castle, miniature railway rides, pump trolley rides, forge demonstration and acsess to the TPO coaches.

 Just some of the attractions at our open days.

The new forge up and running providing a spectacle for many visitors, old and young, who have never seen a forge before.


Work has continued on the canopy both above and below. Our 'fiver for Ferry' scheme has continued to bring in much need funds to finish the final touches to the canopy.

Underneath the canopy, the gaps cut into the platform for the support columns have been bricked up in an attractive pattern and the rest of the bare areas have been paved. We have also added a much needed ramp so disabled visitors have easy access to our lovely station building.

Underneath the canopy


The top of the canopy has been fibreglassed as well to make it fully waterproof. Some timber had to be replaced as it had absorbed a lot of water before we could fibreglass it and some timbers had swollen and warped out of shape. It is now done to a proffesional standard and passengers underneath should stay dry for many years to come.

The canopy from above, there is still work to be done including installing dagger boards around the edge to complete the look and hide the unsightly plywood fascia.

There is still work to be done, including boarding the underside to hide the internal structure of the canopy and to add dagger boards all the way around to hide the structure and create an accurate looking representation of pinchbeck station which is where the canopy columns came from.


Finally our diesel gala with some very special guests went down well once again and attracted many visitors. We used this weekend to trial the sellling of hot and cold food. We now serve freshly made sandwhiches made to order all the time and have sausage rolls and homemade soup and cake on gala weekends.

Make sure you find time to come and say hello and see the progress we've made.