March 2015 Night Mail Update

A lot has been going on at Ferry Meadows in the last year.


The workshop has continued to be fitted out, including the fitting of three phase power and the ‘plumbing in’ of many of the machines in the workshop. A welding bench has been fabricated and the whole workshop is now used regularly.

The outside of this cabin has also been painted. We were quite aware that the cabins are quite visible from the trackside. As such a fence has been constructed around one side. This has the advantage to enclose the workspace we have from the track. In due course a lean to will be constructed to store vehicles in this section.


To improve access to the site we are in the process of constructing a barrow crossing. Work so far has included hard core, moving the plunger the loco crews use to operate the level crossing, installing gate posts and positioning rubber matting for the crossing. Next steps will involve laying the matting, more fencing and installing the gates.



The Class 325 cab in particular would not survive long exposed to the elements. With its height however, a roof was never going to be a straight forward task. Joel, ably assisted by others, therefore set to the task of fabricating some rather large sections to raise the height of the roof. These were craned into position, and he had to put his welding skills to the test, welding each end of the roof section together. The whole roof was completed with timber beams and roofing on top. In the fullness of time, the roof will be enclosed in and doors will be added to the front section.


Since the last report the miniature railway as seen significant use over the summer. Towards the end of the year we were donated an old bicycle repair shop that had been used for over a hundred years in a local village. This has been dismantled and reassembled, with some adaptations, at Ferry Meadows and will act as an ideal waiting room and ticket office for the miniature railway.


One of the key developments since the last update has been the laying of the first siding through what will eventually become the running shed. Whilst this sounds relatively simple, the amount of time and money spent on this has to be seen to be believed. The siding is now in place and, rather fittingly, the first vehicles to grace the new siding were the mark 1 TPO rake.


One of the key developments since Christmas however has been the fact that The Night Mail Group have taken over the running of Ferry Meadows Station. Since taking over we have filled the station with a lot of stock to sell in aid of The Night Mail Project. We have also kick started the Ferry Meadows Canopy appeal. For more details on Ferry Meadows Station, please click here.