March 2015 at Ferry Meadows

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Since the launch of the Fiver For Ferry campaign in February we have been steadily working on the first stages of the canopy as and when time and finances allow.

In mid Feb we had a mini excavator on site for works involving The Night Mail Project. The opportunity was therefore taken to take the excavator onto the platform to dig the holes for the columns. These have had to be quite deep due to the fact that the columns are of a set height, and any shallower would have meant they were too tall for the station building!

ferry hole01 ferr  hole02

Also whilst on site the garden/shrubland area around the station was cleared to allow for new gardens to be started to aid our 'Ferry Meadows in Bloom' campaign.

To move this along, we are also in the process of constructing a greenhouse.

ferry 2015feb greenhouse01

A further improvement will be having a phone box on the platform to allow passengers to get information on days when the station is closed. There was a derelict phone box at Wansford so this would 'simply' be a case of laying a concrete base, transporting it to Ferry Meadows, restoring and reglazing it, and installing a phone... Not to mention ensuring the undesirable locals do not get to it once restored!

Step one, the laying of the base, was undertaken at the same time as the foundations for the columns we poured.

Step two, transporting the columns and phone box from Wansford was done by the Nene Valley's TASC machine on Friday 6th March. The TASC machine is a permanent way vehicle with a flat bed and hiab on the back that formally ran in the highlands and is ideally suited to this sort of job. It was able to crane both the phone box in and also position the columns all in one morning. The photos below are screen grabs from our CCTV cameras at Ferry Meadows.

tasc01 phonebox column01 column02 column03 

All the works done so far have been relatively cheap to do and have been within the amount donated over the past month. We will however need a greater push on funding to allow us to buy the timber required for the roof of the canopy.

phonebox02 column04 column05

Going forward, this stage of the canopy will only cover half the building. To complete the whole canopy will involve expensive cast iron welding on two additional damaged columns and then this same process repeating.

If anyone would like to donate then please see the links above. For larger donations and to discuss sponsorship, please contact Chris Hallam by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The last photograph shows D49 Morayshire storming through the station during our February Steam gala.

shire ferry AP