10th Anniversary of the final TPO

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The 9th of January 2014 marks the ten year anniversary of the final TPO services on the mainline railway, bringing to a close a history that stretched back to the 1830’s. Whilst mail is still transported on the railways using more modern class 325 electric multiple units, the night of 9th January 2004 saw the final runs of traditional travelling post office trains where mail would be sorted on the move. Allan Yeo’s site below has a number of pictures of the final workings. In one swift swoop a way of life was lost in the name of progress.




The photos above show the TPOs in their final year in service, though not the final trains themselves (From the NVR archive)

The Nene Valley is home to five Mark 1 TPO vehicles that all are still in the livery they were withdrawn following the final services in 2004.

Sorting coach 80337 ‘Brian White’ is due to have the running gear overhauled during this year and we are planning to commemorate the 10th anniversary at our Mail by Rail event in September.

For more information on the final runs please see: